Navicat For Postgres on Ubuntu

Navicat PostgresI ran across Navicat's Postgres Administration tool the other day and just out of curiosity I decided to install it on Ubuntu (the lite version). Uhho, there's no linux version! Well as any linux fanatic would do I grabbed the Windows version and tried to install with Wine, and well,.. it worked. After clicking around a bit I don't foresee myself switching from pgAdmin(it actually looks a lot like pgAdmin III), but it does have a few pro's and con's. They also have a MySQL counterpart, but there is a linux version available for it. Of all the database admin tools I've used however I've found none as nice as.. yes, I'm going to say it.. Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio. I think the biggest thing Management Studio has going for it is the very clean interface, and the fact that every button doesn't pop open a new window and it's a one stop shop for user administrator as well as data manager. MySQL has the two separate applications, other than that I love their query browser as well. Are there any other great database admin tools out there that are reasonably price??