New Hosting for

I've not done much posting lately here because I've been in the process of switching my hosting provider. Not that I was unsatisfied with my previous provider, actually quite the opposite. I wanted to get all of my sites together so they're easier to manage. I now have this site with WebFaction. Why WebFaction?

So far I've heard and read nothing but good reviews. I also like their approach on setting up new sites. Within their custom control panel you can manage domains and applications. Then you can associate each Domain( or subdomain) with an Application to create a "Website". They also provide many frameworks out of the box at the click of a mouse like Django, RoR, Wordpress, etc.. In the time I've spent with them I've been impressed. If you're thinking of a new host, I recommend WebFaction. (If you use these links to WebFaction I will atleast get a little credit if you sign up with them)