New Impromptu Tour Feature

This is HOT! You have a new website, which is a bit complex. You're afraid your users don't understand where all the features and functionality is located. What do you do? You give them a quick tour of the site!

Impromptu can now position itself per "state". If you're unfamiliar with states check out the documentation. A state is similar to a wizard step. It only makes sense that each step be able to position itself in specific locations. The result is a touring like functionality. You can still do all the fun form stuff you did before.

Per state you can now pass in a "position" option, which is a hash with the following properties:

  • container : a jquery selector of the anchor element.
  • x : The horizontal offset from the origin from the anchor's position.
  • y : The vertical offset from the origin from the anchor's position.
  • arrow : where to position the arrow.

Not only tours, but you can also create highly functional tooltips. Impromptu just stepped up to another level from the competition, leading the way for all tooltip, modal, and touring javascript plugins!

I've provided a great example in the documentation, and of course a tour of Impromptu itself, so head on over!