New jQuery Timepicker Addon - 0.9.9

I'm excited to announce another great release of jQuery Timepicker Addon! This release brings many fixes and a new feature or two. First thank you to everyone who provided fixes, translations, and bug reports. While I can't get to every bug report, I do value and appreciate them. With this new version we bring the following fixes and features:

  • Fix : Option getter/setter
  • Improvement : SliderAccess integration
  • Addition : Added Norwegian translation
  • Fix : Check for tp_inst in gotoToday method
  • Fix : Swallowing date parsing errors
  • Fix : Update Russian translation
  • Fix : beforeShow now returns a value
  • Fix : missing semicolons
  • Fix : time parsing bug ("tt h:mm")
  • Fix : trim extra spaces after newly formatted time
  • Addition : New $.datepicker.formatTime method
  • Addition : Added Korean Translation
  • Fix : Typo in Hebrew translation

As always you can check out the timepicker over at the timepicker documentation or get involved over at Timepicker's Github page. Thanks Aagain!