New Paint Job

Regular visitors to the blog probably noticed, but if not has a fresh new theme! Wordpress isn't my strong suit, but I manage to get around well enough. The majority of the work was CSS related, however I did drop Mootools for jQuery (again).

I decided to fall back to jQuery for a few good reasons. First 90% of my javascript development is with jQuery, so I am very proficient with it. Second, many Wordpress plugins require jQuery, so it was being included anyway. I didn't see the need to include Mootools and jQuery for no specific reason. Finally, since the majority of my work and plugins are written for jQuery, I would like to put to use my plugins in this design. You will notice all code snippets are using jQuery Litelighter with a custom theme.

Let me know what you think and be on the lookout for a tutorial using and customizing Litelighter soon!

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