New, Simplified Look

I've been looking into simplifying my site a little and yet improving some search engine optimization, and as you may have noticed I've made a couple tweaks. First I removed the busy space background, and went a little more solid(not really for seo, but was tired of seeing such a busy background). I also added a some microformats to help describe who I am a little better to the search engines. Apparently there is another Trent Richardson who plays football at the University of Alabama, and must be quite the athlete. Not only that but the Alabama also won a national championship this past season so a lot of hype is around them. So while googling "Trent Richardson" you become flooded with links to espn, rolltide, rivals, among all the other big college athletic websites.

I've cleaned up some html which probably wasn't helping the situation much either. I got up to date with the new jQuery Impromptu (which is what all the cool kids are doing these days..), and fixed my paging which was apparently broken and I didn't realize it. Anyone know of any other things to help improve my search results? Does the blog look too bad?