No More Hotlinking

I have taken preventive measures to stop hotlinking to code on this site.

What Does Hotlinking Mean?

By hotlinking I am referring to directly linking to the js, css, etc file directly on my server instead of downloading your own copy. So why am I doing this? I am doing this for the good of the end user and myself.

For the End User

The end user because they should not be dependent on my website to support their own as I do not provide a reliable CDN service. Not to mention I do update my site and the code on it from time to time, and I make no guarantee that functionality or files will not be changed.

For Myself

For myself because it uses up precious bandwidth, which I pay for out of my own pocket. Sorry I do not have the funds to pay for this. I already provide the code at little to no cost.

What Should You Do?

So if you or someone you know is addicted to hotlinking from this site, you should download a copy of the code to your own site and begin using it immediately. Your code may have already stopped working.