Oh Boy!, Vista

Well I finally got vista and I have to say the Imaging design is very nice and pleasing to the eye. Everything so far seems to install pretty normally with no tricks except about 100 alert messages to run, download or change anything(I counted, it literally takes 6 alert messages to RENAME one text file, rather dissapointing). Another serious problem I have encountered is that my mouse will disappear after I leave my computer idol for any length of time. Twice today I have rebooted because of this problem. Then after the second reboot I decided run my updates to see if there was a fix,.. well I'm not sure yet but my monitor did decide to turn off on me while I was using it(something my monitor has yet todo becuase I have it set to turn off after twenty minutes of inactivity and it never will). After a manual reboot my bottom menu bar happily decided it wanted to be placed on my secondary monitor. I must note I have not made any system changes at all, only setting my screensaver and installing the usual aim, eclipse, ff, etc.. Not sure if there are some display settings I am missing but I would surely like to find it!