Possibly the Best SVN Plugin for gEdit

After doing some googling I found that there aren't many choices for svn plugins for gEdit. First you may be asking "Why the heck are you using gEdit!?" Well fact is I don't like wysiwygs or big IDE's that get in my way. With a few plugins I found that gEdit does just what I need. So you're wondering what's this plugin you refer to as the best svn plugin for gEdit? From what I've found so far it appears to be the terminal plugin for gEdit.

Gedit Terminal Plugin

So now you think I've about lost my mind, but once you've used it a bit you find that its actually pretty good. Svn commands are dirt simple and would waist your time opening another program to do these commands. I've found that there are basically 4 svn commands that will get me through most situations:

  • svn co [url]
  • svn update
  • svn commit -m 'my message about my changes'
  • svn add [path/to/file]

Of course there are more available commands, but for starters this covers a lot of territory. In case this isn't what you were expecting, its exactly what you were looking for!