Remove Photo Timestamps in Gimp

I'm not a big photographer, so sometimes I forget the camera has a pesky timestamp feature that somehow I forget to turn off from time to time. Well as you're about to find out its not too hard to remove with Gimp. There are plugins available for just this thing, but I like to use a slightly different approach as it could be used for more than just timestamps. We're going to use the "Smart Remove Selection" which comes with the Gimp Resynthesizer plugin. Lets start off by watching the quick video I made of this proceedure.

Ok, as you could tell the first step is to open up Synaptic (or just use apt-get) and install "gimp-resynthesizer". This will add a few "Smart" commands under the Filter->Enhance menu. Now our tools are in place, lets get rolling.

  1. First choose the Select by Color Tool, and set your threshold to about 60 (that worked great for me, you may have to tweak the threshold depending on your image)
  2. Click on your timestamp to select it, if your threshold is set properly your entire timestamp should be selected with one click.
  3. Under the Select menu choose Grow. Depending on the size of your image, and if your timestamp has a slight glow/shadow/feathering/fade you may need to tweak the grow by variable to make sure the selection covers it all.
  4. Now under Filter->Enhance menu choose Smart Remove Selection. The variable option I used was 100px. This determines how much of the image surrounding the selection will be used to determine the pattern to replace it with.

Thats it, pretty easy? I think this approach works pretty darn well, plus you got to learn a new tool which will work for much more than a removing a timestamp. Also if you're not an Ubuntu user the link above for the plugin provides a manual download instead of using Synaptic.