RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 1

Over the last few weeks I have stuggled with a realestate website. All went well except for that one thing we all try to put off until last on any realestate based website, MLS. Well it turns out its not so bad with RETS after all thanks to VieleRETS. What is RETS? RETS is an XML based solution compared to having to FTP. You can send your search request and in return it sends you back a feed with the results. There are two ways to retrieve the listings, either on the fly(with Retriever), or by downloading them with VieleRETS. In this series I'm going to walk you through how I was able to download my own feed very easily to my database. Once its in the database we all know how to handle it from there. How VieleRETS is Organized

  • Sources : The connections to your RETS service. Each connection can only retrieve one class type(Residential, Commercial, etc..), but you can have multiple sources(One for each of these)
  • Targets : Where you want a feed to be stored(CSV, XML, Database, Open Realty), we will create a Database target.
  • Extracts : Ties together Sources and targets. In this series we will create an Extract for each Source, mapping it to a Target database. These extracts can then be executed from the command line to download your listings.

Preparation for Part 2 Another thing you have to get over is the fact VieleRETS looks a little old, but don't let that fool you as it is a regularly updated project that works very well. In part two we will create our Souces. In preparation you should have your connection information handy. You should have atleast a username, password and url. Also it will be useful to have your RETS version. This tutorial covers RETS 1.5. If you don't have this information you might can visit your url in the web browser, enter your username and login and it spit out your basic connection info.