RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 2

Before starting I would like to be clear that we will be retrieving only entries with an Active status. The entire feed would be huge and frankly its just not needed. First off be sure you have downloaded and installed vieleRETS. The entire installation page boils down to just download it, unzip it, place it on your server, and execute the install.bat(Windows) or from the command line ./ Now we're ready to begin, just navigate in your web browser to the vieleRETS/setup/ directory of your site. Create Sources You'll notice on your landing page there are 3 categories like I mentioned in Part 1 or this series. We will be working within the Sources area for this part of the tutorial. For the most part we will accept defaults and enter necessary fields. Click "Create" in the Sources menu.

  1. This first page is to enter the name of the source. Generally you could call it Residential, Commercial, etc..
  2. This second page is to enter your basic credentials and version. I only needed to enter RETS_SERVER_USERNAME, RETS_SERVER_PASSWORD, RETS_SERVER_URL, and Version. For the rest of this page I accepted defaults. Click Apply.
  3. The third page basically verifies your connection. If you don't receive green success text you need to go back to the previous step.
  4. The fourth step is to define a Resource. Here I chose Property.
  5. Step five asks for the class. This is up to you which class you want to download. For now I'll pretend we're choosing Residential.
  6. Step six is simply auto detection and you shouldn't have to do much but watch, wait, and cross your fingers. After the page loads at there very bottom you should have your results(hopefully success). Click Apply.
  7. Step seven is for Overriding Auto-Detection. I left the defaults alone and clicked Apply.
  8. Step eight is Important! Here you need to choose elements you might be querying the RETS server for. I chose the more obvious ones like mls number, class, type, etc, But as I stated at the top we are also going to retrieve listings where Status is Active. So we need to be sure and check Status from this list. Click Apply.
  9. Step nine is asking for the Agent Id. I chose the mls number. Click Apply.
  10. Step ten ask for you to pick date elements. This is up to you which ones you want to use as a date. Click Apply.

Thats it! You are now back at the menu page for this Source. All the options weren't exactly obvious which ones are for you, but mostly the defaults work. Our next step will be creating a Target. * RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 1, Introduction * RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 2, Creating a Source * RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 3, Create a Target * RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 4, Create an Extract * RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 5, Executing the Batch * RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 6, Creating a Cron Job