Shaking up the Browser Market

No new news here, just the fact that theres a lot happening now with the web browsers. First there is Google Chrome making its debut. Then it is reported Firefox's new javascript engine, Trace Monkey, is faster than V8. And now all of a sudden Yahoo is flashing Firefox at the top of their page as their recommended web browser. All at the same time what ever happed to IE8?

I think there could have been some strategic planning on the release of Chrome to beat out IE8, and perhaps intercept some of the faithful IE users. It could have also been coincidence. But now yahoo is clearly supporting Firefox and perhaps yet again will attract more IE users. Since Yahoo doesn't have a browser I don't think this will effect them as much, but it is clearly shaping up to be a three way battle between IE8, Firefox, and Chrome in my opinion. As far as opinions on the browsers go I think all three are becoming very well rounded browsers, so I think all of them are pretty good compared to 2-3 years ago.

With all this commotion who will benefit the most?