Shrink - Compile, Combine, Compress

For CakePHP developers I would like to welcome Shrink, a plugin I created for a simple way to compile, combine, and compress assets (specifically less). There are several other plugins to do this, but I didn't find one that suited my fancy.. Either they were two complex for my need or too simple. Shrink aims to be somewhere in the middle.

Setup is simple just like any other CakePHP plugin (add to Plugins folder, load in bootstrap.php). I've successfully used it in my standard views, email views, and pdf views (via dompdf). Shrink asset compiling is easily extensible and can currently handle/compile: js, css, less, sass, scss, coffee files. Compression is currently handled with cssmin and jsmin, however it as well is easily extensible.

You can find Shrink at its new home on Github: CakePHP Shrink Plugin