SQLite Administration on Ubuntu

I rarely use sqlite, but I have to say it is a pretty handy database that in my opinion works very well. Last time I used it I was on windows, but this go 'round I was using Ubuntu. I was searching for a nice admin tool and none seemed to suite me as I needed to edit an SQLite 2 file but its always nice to be up to date and administer SQLite 3. I found none better than to use the same windows program with Wine. SQLite Administrator seems to me to be a pretty complete tool. Here's a screenshot of it running through Wine: SQLite Administrator Of course this isn't as pretty as on Windows, but hey, I'm not going for looks here! I do realize there are SQLite tools out there like this for Linux, but there were requirements to compile and install them, and well, I think we're getting a little too old for requirements with Linux. Its almost easier to install Windows applications with Wine. I guess this is the one place proprietary software has a slight advantage... Any one aware of any other database administration tools out there for Linux/Ubuntu for various databases that exceed the standard tools(other than MySQL Query Browser and PGAdmin)?