Sublime Text Clientside Plugin to Minify, Format, Lint CSS & JS

It is unfortunate in a sense to say that I have all but migrated away from Gedit to Sublime Text 2. Sublime text has won me over with it's power, simplicity, and cross platform support. To me this is well worth the price, and it was money well spent. The only thing missing for me was the Clientside plugin I developed for Gedit. After a quick look at the plugin structure of Sublime Text, it was obvious it would be nearly a copy/paste job to bring this plugin to Sublime Text.

So, if you want to minify, format, perform jslint or csslint on any css or javascript, here is Clientside Plugin for Sublime Text.

Once you clone the plugin to your Packages directory you're ready to go. One preference may need to be set to tell the plugin where to find nodejs (only if you want to use the lint methods). I was easily able to give more options to how modified buffer is handled. You can now copy it into a new file, save to clipboard, replace inline, or print it to the console, your choice! Enjoy!