Syntax Highlighting for Zepto

Syntax highlighting for Zepto is now available through the jQuery Litelighter plugin. I've been exploring Zepto lately and what better way to learn than to get your hands dirty with it. Zepto is a javascript framework with a "largely jQuery-compatible API" and a much smaller footprint. jQuery-Litelighter was originally built to provide syntax highlighting for jQuery, but after learning a little Zepto I found out that it would only take a few tweaks to get Litelighter working. The result was the same small Litelighter plugin, but can now run off of Zepto or jQuery.

I've learned that jQuery is great, no doubt. However often times we only need a small subset of its functionality. Zepto trims this fat off and provides you with the basics. It comes in great for cases where size and speed matters, like mobile or slow connections. The only downfall is the lack of IE support (is that a downfall?), which you can always fallback to jQuery.

You can head on over to the Litelighter documentation to learn more. Also, stay tuned for more Zepto plugin news!