Timepicker 1.0.5, Selected

The most exciting release since it's localization was introduced! While I pushed out a new version last week with mostly bug fixes, those were just to hold over until this release was polished. So whats new?

  • "controlType" option. Pass "slider" or "select" to use, you got it, slider wigit or select dropdowns! Slider is the default, but if it is not available dropdowns will be used. For more advanced usage you can pass in your own object which implements the needed methods to use your own wigits. See the docs for this.
  • RTL support through localizations. Same as datepicker with isRTL option.
  • Fix using inline mode with altField.
  • Bug fix with passing event options.

Not a lot of new features, but they are big features. If you are using isRTL, grab the updated CSS. Again, thanks to those who contributed!

Timepicker Documentation and Timepicker on Github