Timepicker 1.1.2 Now Available

jQueryUI Timepicker Addon 1.1.2 is now available! This release is mostly bug fixes, so sorry, no new features. So what changed?

  • Fixes to date ranges with altField.
  • Timezone change now fires onSelect event.
  • IE8 bug fix using substr.
  • Updated and test with jQuery 1.9 and jQueryUI 1.10. (It worked, so nothing changed)
  • Updates to spinner example in docs, fixes event firing.
  • Updates to Portuguese, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese localizations.
  • Added localizations for Thai and Basque.
  • Fix bug when setting time when step options are used.
  • Fix bug where hourMin/Max defaults the input before setting a time.
  • Fix parsing dates for single digits. Better distinguishes "h" from "hh", "m" from "mm", etc.
  • Loose parse now tries multiple formats with Date().
  • Fix bug where loose parse returns improper object keys.
  • Fix bug with useLocalTimezone when the input is prepopulated.
  • Clean up various typos in docs.

Also thank you to everyone who has contributed fixes, suggestions, and bug reports. Enjoy!