Timepicker 1.3 Plus Handling Time eBook

Two exciting announcements! First jQuery 1.3 is now available. Second, the "Handling Time" ebook is now available!


Handling Time eBook

The Handling Time eBook covers all the common topics on dealing with dates and times. On the client side it demonstrates from basic setup to time ranges.


Timepicker 1.3

Timepicker 1.3 was a significant update, particularly to timezones and time unit detection. Ok, the later didn't exist before, which will be line item 1 on the update list.

  • Detection of features from timeFormat. showTimezone, showSeconds, etc. no longer required.
  • Added Danish i18n
  • Localization folder renamed to i18n (datepicker consistency)
  • Microseconds unit added. This is basic functionality. The Javascript Date object does not natively support this, so functionality is limited. See docs.
  • timezoneIso8601 option removed, detected from timeFormat with "Z"
  • Timezone internal storage now uses integer in minutes for Date object consistency
  • timezoneList values should now be an integer in minutes.
  • Updated jQueryUI slider detection for controlType
  • Updated Italian i18n
  • Test with new jQueryUI 1.10.3

You can find the latest and greatest Timepicker on Github. Head over to the documentation for more details.