Timepicker Addon for jQuery UI Datepicker

timepicker addon - datetime

Since I've not found a timepicker suitable for my needs (although there are some pretty decent ones out there) I decided to make one. I needed date-time and just time, so built it on top of jQuery UI's Datepicker, so I have access to just one or both. A couple key features in this addon I've not found in a few of the others is time formatting, seconds, time step (10 min, 20 min, 30 min, etc..). Not to mention that all datepicker options should still be available.

If you use just datepicker you have no changes in your code. If you decide to use date and time, then there is a function for you:


And if you just want a timepicker:


Timepicker Addon - time

This still uses datepicker just for time, but it hides the calendar and strips out the formatting for the date, thus only leaving the time. I've put together some documentation and examples as there are quite a few additional options besides just datepicker options.

Timepicker Addon Documentation