To Share or to Buy

Before sending hate mail please read this post entirely

Everyday on Digg or some other tech news site you see a headline about file sharing music and movies and what not. I can't help but think that most everyone does it (or has done it), but how blatantly people try to defend doing it. I've tried to be more responsible in recent years and purchase my music, movies, and programs. But who are these people kidding by ripping off the producers and engineers of these products.

The fact is this: someone creates a product for sale; you obtain it without their permission and without paying for it. The best I can tell that is stealing. But why is it Ok all of a sudden that you can do it from the privacy and security from your home at your computer. Sure, perhaps the music/movie industry could do a better job protecting their products, but that's not the point.

At the end of the day think about it like this: Some software programmer is trying to feed his family by writing software. If his product doesn't sell because you're stealing it from him that's just as bad in my opinion as walking in a candy store, grabbing a bag of candy, and walking out. Some person makes their living by doing this work, and you have taken from them. It doesn't make any difference if it's a single person or a large corporation. Its the exact same.

I'm not bashing each individual person who has ever done this. Heck, most everyone has. If you can admit it's wrong even though you do it, I can live with the fact that you're aware and that you are fully responsible for your actions. I just don't get the fact that people so openly defend doing it because they think there's nothing wrong with it. Are you defending stealing?