Uber Update

I've had a few people over the last day or so get wind of Uberuploadcropper, a new project of mine to combine three amazing jquery plugins to produce a highly practical tool to upload and crop right from one form field in one glorious routine using jQuery. For those who don't know the three plugins I'm refering to they are:

The current status of Uberuploadcropper is in the testing phase, however there is one big missing link I would like to achieve before releasing it; multiple uploads and crops. Spare time has been limited so my research on the matter has been limited. Anyone with suggestions on such feel free to let me know.

Incase you're wondering how this works so far you simply need to include the 3 plugins(I know, thats a lot, but this is a plugin built from plugins) and ubueruploadcropper. Then in your form you should have a normal file upload field. Then just call uberuploadcropper like so:

    /* uploadify options of upload scripts etc.. */
    /* Jcrop options of how to crop */
    /* uber options for callback func when done 
        and the url for crop serverside script */

Since it pretty much just coordinates the three plugins to work together, you still have all the options for Uploadify and Jcrop, so you can upload files how/where you want, and crop them how you want. Before the first release I need to work up a good clean example to distribute and work up documentation, so please hang in there!