UberUploadCropper 0.2 With Example

Finally, I've put together an example of UberUploadCropper, as well as getting it up to date with Uploadify 2.1. If you don't remember what UberUploadCropper is, it is a small jquery plugin that brings together Uploadify, Impromptu, and Jcrop, to seamlessly upload and crop images. Here's a visual:

For a brief snippet of code of how to implement it, check out my previous post on UberUploadCropper. But, I have one more special treat. I have finally put together an example. Be warned, this example is NOT for production use. It is only to demonstrate how to link everything together. When uploading files there are security concerns among other things that need to be addressed.

Download UberUploadCropper Example. (Be sure to read the README file. You have to set your upload path!)

Now before you start fussing about how the quality of the cropped images are, or about if you upload a big image Impromptu goes outside the screen, I have commented in the files where you should be doing your resizing and cropping, so when an image is uploaded you should make some changes (resize it to a reasonable size for the screen). I will leave resizing and everything up to you. I have restricted the uploads to only jpg for simplicity of the example, although my production version does jpg, gif, and png. And I'm sure most of you are using a nice image manipulation class (or should be) to handle different image types.

As always I'm open for suggestion or if anyone makes nice changes they are always welcome too. Enjoy! (also don't forget if you are looking for more ideas to help out your site visit FetchIdeas.com)