Uberuploadcropper - Cropping Gone Wild!

I've been doing a good bit of cropping uploaded images lately and I've managed to put together a nice bit of code to tie together three very nice jQuery modules: Impromptu, Uploadify, and jCrop. Uploadify uploads the photo, Impromptu opens up after the file is uploaded to present jCrop for the new image. The following is the result:

I've not released this yet for everyone to use as I'm still working the bugs out, but just note that its not difficult to do. The entire process uses basic options for every plugin. Hope you enjoy and I look forward to your feedback!

Update: A new UberUploadCropper is now available! It is lighter weight and no flash! http://trentrichardson.com/2012/12/11/uberuploadcropper-update-upload-and-crop-multiple-files/