UberUploadCropper V2 - Upload, Crop, No Flash

Finally, UberUploadCropper gets a much needed update. First off, flash is gone. Now you can upload and crop with just javascript and your serverside language of choice. What is UberUploadCropper? It is a jQuery plugin which pulls together jCrop, Impromptu, and FileUploader plugins into one uniform unit to upload and crop images.

The latest version can be found with all it's glory on Github, along with 2 examples. The examples provide a very basic, upload and crop routine. The second, a much more advanced example, demonstrates how to handle large images efficiently. Both examples should be fairly easy to merge into your own projects. Here is a video of version 1 of UberUploadCropper in action. I will provide a newer video shortly:

This plugin uses these three fantastic plugins:

The plugins mostly differ in using ajax upload instead of Uploadify. So all options which use to target Uploadify have been removed and replaced with the corresponding FileUploader options. The examples are commented and should be pretty clear cut. Enjoy!

Update 2012-12-09

The File Uploader project has been relabeled as Fine Uploader.

Also, if you want to become more familiar with jQuery Impromptu so you can create more advanced prompts like UberUploadCropper I highly recommend the ebook "Impromptu From I to U".

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UberUploadCropper on Github

Update : UberUploadCropper v0.3 is now available