Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit A Bad Idea?

Well, just as everyone else has done, I have upgraded to Ubuntu 6.10 64 bit, Gutsy Gibbon. Boy oh Boy was it a great move! The graphics are wonderful, pidgin is groovy, and adding and removing Firefox plugins are a piece of cake. I couldn't ask for an easier Ubuntu.. or could I? While I have to say Ubuntu keeps getting better and better every time, certain proprietary software still lacks for linux, more so for 64 bit linux. Sure most application can be installed by using the 32bit libraries and forcing the architecture, but isn't that sort of uncalled for? And it completely defeats the purpose of Add/Remove Programs when I have to do such hacks to install things. Be aware before you install the 64bit version that you will not be able to install Flash, Opera, Wine, Komodo Edit, or any of the new cool Adobe Air products. Boy this is got me where it hurts being a web developer. Now none the less, most of these can be installed by following the tutorials for installing on a 64bit machine, but what I would really love to see in future versions is by default, Ubuntu have the capability of installing and running 32 and 64 bit versions of software. Now I've got no clue how one would begin creating such a work of art, but Apple did it, and I have full faith in the Ubuntu community. Would I trade the Ubuntu experience? No. In fact I went out and purchased a new machine just for Ubuntu and I am still loving every minute of it. My only regret is not installing the 32bit for my everyday usage. I can't wait to see the power and versatility of the 64bit Ubuntu in a few more releases, but I need the 32bit linux desktop right now.