Ubuntu 8.04: A Smart Theme Could Propel

In viewing the latest designs for the new theme proposals for Ubuntu 8.04, I see a lot of designs which I think are headed in the wrong direction if Ubuntu has plans on moving into the mainstream of operating systems. Many are going towards a dark them, which is good if you're a hip 20 something year old playing at home, but the fact is the business world holds a large portion of the marketplace, one of which these dark themes just won't cut it: Ubuntu Design What Ubuntu does need is a clean cut, simplistic, light colored theme by default. My opinion all of the 20 somethings are going to change their theme time they format their pc, but the rest of the world will likely do nothing more than change a background image. This is why I think Ubuntu will have to drop the overpowering brown and go lighter, perhaps using the brown for more accents. Here is a theme I think is in the right direction: Ubuntu Theme Now granite many people say the orange could go, but thats a minor detail as far as I'm concerned, but this them is in the right direction!