Ubuntu Friends!?

Just food for thought. I keep reading around that Ubuntu fans are bandwagon users and that real linux users are the gentoo and debian users. This somewhat disturbs me. Sure all those other linux distro's are great, but when it comes down to it more people use Ubuntu because it's the easiest and friendliest for getting up and running. Stability is good, and the repositories are superb. So why can one be called a bandwagon fan when what they're using works the best? I think knowing the lesser developed systems is great, ok, they may not be lesser developed, but less friendly to the average Joe. I think distributions like Ubuntu are no longer targeting the tech savvy people, but targeting the user's looking for something stable, useful, and cheaper. People who may not know how to compile programs. User's who don't know how to edit the xorg.conf file. People who just need to get things done. I switched to Ubuntu full time at home over a year ago, and set my mom up on Ubuntu about 6 months ago. She has had absolutely 0 problem's with it so far. I myself have had no serious issues besides just my curiosity pushing the limits :) I'm looking for some Ubuntu friends. People who occasionally blog about Ubuntu(or maybe just linux in general). Lets share thoughts, maybe discuss some suggestions on how to improve linux, or just rant on how great it is! Anyone?