Ubuntu Needs a Kick-Start Program

Ubuntu Kick Start For the average Joe very little is pre configured for everyday needs like Java, Flash, mp3 codecs.. It is understandable that some of these can't be installed by default for legal reasons, but why isn't there a "Kick-Start" program on a users first login to set up all these common utilities? This is yet another obstacle Ubuntu must overcome to gain wide spread use to the every day user. It is understood that there are other "alternative" technologies being developed to avoid these issues but the fact of the matter is they're just not up to par at this time. Ubuntu no doubt has one of the easiest installs ever, but it may be necessary to run this sort of quick program on the first boot to get the user completely ready. By the way the image above is not an actual program, but a quick mock up using QT 4 Designer. I must admit they've done a nice job with their User interface tools and can't wait for the Webkit integration!