Ubuntu Thoughts

Its been rather quiet around here lately, and for good reason. I got married and spent some time honeymooning with my sweetheart :) . All the while much has been happening in the linux and web world!

I've not gotten the nerve to upgrade my primary machine yet to Ubuntu 11.04, mainly because I'm not too sure Unity is prepared to my day to day work flow. I have installed it in a virtual machine and played around with it, but I feel as of this point it is not suitable for heavy computer users. Here are my reasons:

First, the dock is not very customizable yet, and maybe its just a learning curve, but I find it more difficult to find the apps i'm looking for than before. I would like to see them better organized like the menus in classic gnome. Having Recent apps or All Installed Apps dumped into one view really isn't all that convenient for me. I would like a better organized approach.

Secondly removing the menu bar and placing it on the Unity toolbar is creative and saves space, but not very friendly if you have more than one monitor. OSX does this, and its a pain when the window you're working on is not in the primary screen. Maybe what would have been better would have been to display the menu bar in the window header/chrome (which ever it is called) and toggle the menu bar and window title on hover.

Lastly Unity is still a relatively young animal and is expected to have growing pains. I'm sure in another release or two it will be well rounded. Until then I will tread lightly. On that note I have looked at Xubuntu and noticed they now integrate a dock, which still gives you that old Ubuntu feel but a little extra. Maybe this would be a more stable option until Unity matures?