Update on Various Projects

I thought I'd take a moment to post an update on various projects of mine. I'll touch base on just a few.

jQuery Impromptu - Seems to be running pretty stable. Soon I will be moving the source over to Github with my other projects. Recent inquiries on this project mostly involve How To's, and very few new feature requests.

jQuery Timepicker Addon - Currently under pretty steady development. And not just by me but others as well. I'm getting pull request regularly with some amazing code contributions! There is now a dev branch and a master branch for more stable downloads. Good news is localization seems to be fixed!

Gedit Clientside Plugin - I've been using this on a regular basis, however I've not noticed many others using it. It needs to be added to the Gedit Plugins page.

As always I'm open for suggestions, improvements, or fixes to any projects!