Updated jQuery Impromptu Loan Calculator

The jQuery Impromptu Loan Calculator has been around for some time now, but it had a couple things missing. First was a Down Payment option. This is pretty easy to figure really in your head before computing the numbers, but its always included in these type calculations. I guess its the more formal approach. Secondly, figuring an interest rate of 0% never worked, and with our stellar interest rates at the moment that is a must!

Here goes the rebirth of the code:

function openLoanCalculatorPrompt(o){
    o = jQuery.extend({},{ amount:100000, down: 1500, years:15, rate:5 },o);

    var formstr = '<p>Calculate monthly payments:</p>'+
        '<div class="field"><label for="intamount">Amount</label><input type="text" name="intamount" id="intamount" value="'+ o.amount +'" /></div>'+
        '<div class="field"><label for="intdown">Down Payment</label><input type="text" name="intdown" id="intdown" value="'+ o.down +'" /></div>'+
        '<div class="field"><label for="intyears">Years</label><input type="text" name="intyears" id="intyears" value="'+ o.years +'" /></div>'+
        '<div class="field"><label for="intrate">Rate</label><input type="text" name="intrate" id="intrate" value="'+ o.rate +'" /></div>';

    jqistates = {
        state0: {
            html: formstr,
            focus: 1,
            buttons: { Cancel: false, Calculate: true },
            submit: function(v, m, f){
                var e = "";
                m.find('.errorBlock').hide('fast',function(){ jQuery(this).remove(); });

                if (v) {

                        e += "Please enter a numeric amount (No commas)<br />";

                        e += "Please enter a numeric down payment (No commas)<br />";

                        e += "Please enter a numeric number of years<br />";

                        e += "Please enter a numeric interest rate<br />";

                    if (e == "") {

                        var interest = f.intrate/100;
                        var years = f.intyears;
                        var amount = f.intamount-f.intdown;
                        var n = years * 12;

                        if(f.intrate == 0){
                            var m = amount / n;
                            var i = interest / 12;
                            var i_to_n = Math.pow((i + 1), n);

                            var p = amount * ((i * i_to_n) / (i_to_n - 1));
                            var m = Math.round(p * 100) / 100;


                        jQuery('<div class="errorBlock" style="display: none;">'+ e +'</div>').prependTo(m).show('slow');
                    return false;
                else return true;
        state1: {
            html: 'Monthly Payment: $<span id="intmonthlypayment"></span>',
            focus: 1,
            buttons: { Back: false, Done: true },
            submit: function(v,m,f){
                    return true;

                return false;


And to run this beast is pretty easy, even if you're not that familiar with javascript, it is a single simple javascript function call:

openLoanCalculatorPrompt({amount:150000, down:1000, years:30, rate:5.25});

There was previously a video of it in action, which is out of date but it does show how it works:

Thats it, hope you enjoy!