What Framework Are You Using?

Through the past I've never been a big fan of frameworks, but lately I feel I've been waisting time programming certain tasks which most frameworks claim to cure. I've looked and played around for a while looking for something to fulfill my need. Being I'm not very bias towards one language I browsed ColdFusion, PHP, and Python frameworks. ColdFusion's frameworks Model Glue and Fusebox(Fusebox is also for PHP) seem to be ok but reports show they lack functionality on some ColdFusion servers. PHP has the CakePHP framework. It seems to be one of the better choices out there. From the Python family there is Django. From the little research and testing I've done this seems to be a great tool. I do have to say I admire creating a database model and django creates a complete admin interface from that. What other frameworks are out there that deserve a look? If you were given a job to create a site in any language you choose and any framework, what framework would you choose and why? Then, to throw a curve ball, qualifying frameworks must be compatible with atleast three of the major databases(MySQL, Postgre, MSSQL, [Oracle, SQLite]?)