What Happens with MySQL? VirtualBox? Java?

As I'm sure everyone has heard Oracle has bought Sun Microsystems. As a linux user this could have a very big impact on my everyday computing. Sun produces atleast three products off the top of my head which I use every single day: MySQL, VirtualBox, and Java. There are probably others like Open Office, however I rarely use a word processor anymore. MySQL is bringing up question from many people, as it is widely used and Oracle.. well Oracle is known for its database. So what happens? Does Oracle leave Mysql alone? Do they merge it in with their database? Maybe they make extraordinary contributions to it. Time only tells.

VirtualBox is another favorite of mine, and Java is used EVERYWHERE. This could be as critical of time as ever in the programming/IT world. Especially for companies who revolve around open source technologies. So many websites are based on lamp. I myself have been slowly trying to migrate towards PostgreSQL. The buying and selling of MySQL has made me nervous lately. What are your thoughts?