Who's Still Using IE6?

I was curious to see just how many people are still using IE6. To find out this answer I simply explored my statistics for my website. I'm 99% sure these stats are a little biased since it's a tech related website. And also I was told 90% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

  • Firefox: 61.37%
  • IE: 23.82%
  • Chrome: 4.95%
  • Opera: 4.58%
  • Safari: 4.28%

I thought that in itself was pretty interesting, which is gathered from over 7,000 visitors. There are others on the list incase you're trying to total up the percentages, but I left those out since they were such small percentages. But the big question is out of those IE users who is using IE6?

  • IE 7: 61.63%
  • IE 6: 33.67%
  • IE 8: 4.52%
  • IE 5: 0.18%

Well it is good to see at least that Microsoft's latest stable version is the most used, however there are still quite a few with version 6, which upsets me since I hardly tested this site at all in 6. (don't worry I test all my other work in 6). And as for IE5, I didn't know it was even around any more!