Zen Coding with gEdit!

Zen Coding is a fun tool for editors. Basically it allows you to type out a css selector, hit a key combination, and Bam! It turns into corresponding html. Doesn't sound like all that? Well lets imagine you're creating a complex form, or a table with several columns (a table for tabular data of course..) Write one small css selector and it generates your html for you:


And magically you have a fancy table:

<table class="myclass">
            <td id="tdid1"></td>
            <td id="tdid2"></td>
            <td id="tdid3"></td>
            <td id="tdid4"></td>
            <td id="tdid5"></td>

Now you're wondering what in the world this has to do with me? Its available on your favorite text editor, gEdit. It seems to work on gedit for linux, windows, and mac as well!. Here's the github for the zen-coding-gedit plugin

There is also a pretty nice video of it in action on another editor:

Zen Coding v0.5 from Sergey Chikuyonok on Vimeo.

Hope you get a chance to try it out as its pretty cool! (ps: it also works for coldfusion tags, how dirty does that feel! :) )